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Darja Vaarsi California Widow That's a Doozy Photography.jpg

Darja Väärsi

Vocal Artist | Musician | Lyricist | Composer | Producer

"The storytelling of doom and forlorn romance through dark lyrical imagery interwoven with somber musical landscapes. In the Wild West men would leave behind their wives in search of striking gold and better prospects. They had plans to return for them at a later time but never did, leaving them to become a California Widow.”

Estonian Singer-Songwriter Darja Vaarsi released music ranging from gothic country, rock, shoe-gaze, blues, post-punk, industrial to blackgaze in 2020, under her birth name and solo project California Widow. Her music video "Last Transmission" premiered on Decibel Magazine, and single "Dirt" in Dark Beauty Magazine. She's contributed music to soundtracks, video games, movie trailers, and collaborated with Deeper Graves (Wolvhammer, Nachtmystium, Abigail Williams, Yakuza) and Chrome Waves. She has a mezzo-soprano vocal range, works in all genres and previously toured in industrial projects.

A former political refugee, her family bribed their way out of illegal soviet occupation, trekking thousands of miles through a dozen countries for years with only the clothing on their backs and their St. Bernard Pelia. Her father Igor was an Estonian freedom fighter that survived wrongful imprisonment, torture and a near fatal gunshot injury to the head. After sponsorship by Italian diplomats they received asylum.

Overcoming hardships such as homelessness, foster care, domestic violence, a gunshot injury herself, she dedicated her life to non profit causes, veterinary medicine and law. She is self taught, recorded and released. In her free time she's an Actress, Model, Voice-Over Artist, Media Musician, Writer, HMUA, Surfer, working towards her Captain's license and follow up releases. Her work has appeared in magazines (Elegant, Vogue, Bizarre, Darke Beauty) films, TV Shows, commercials, #1 MTV music videos (Lena Katina/TATU), publications, gallery exhibits, movie posters and album covers.

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