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Dark Beauty Magazine Music Feature

October 31, 2020

Actress, vocal, and visual artist born in Estonia and immigrated to America with her family as a political refugee. Her father Igor was an Estonian freedom fighter, her Moldovan mother Olga an award-winning USSR English teacher and author. Darja is also the founder of alternative music project California Widow where she combines elements of gothic country with rock and shoegaze. She enjoys contributing music to soundtracks (Amazon Prime) and working in concert with other artists on projects of all genres, most recently post-rock/gothic outfit: Deeper Graves (Yakuza, Nachtmystium, Wolvhammer) and post-black metal project Chrome Waves. As a Vocal Artist, her musical compositions speak from the heart and oftentimes cover very intimate and personal content. As a mezzo-soprano, she can perform in any style or genre.


Deeper Graves "Last Transmission" Music Video Premier on Decibel Magazine

August 27, 2020

“This song originated as a cosmonaut so broken by life and love that they sought to die in the furthest reaches possible: outer space, hence the Russian element and title: "Last Transmission,” singer Darja Vaarsi says. “We decided to convey the story as a former cult member that has a triggering dream bringing her back to reliving the day a mass suicide occurred. Nothing is more real than feeling love, loss, or pain; you can change the characters and setting but the feelings and effects remain the same. People can do terrible things to you but then portray a different version of themselves to society, this is especially true in abusive relationships which is a topic I’ve visited before. Someone can shatter your life and go into the world with a shining beaming face, thus it’s difficult to know what the truth is, and often these invisible monsters are a burden endured alone. Speaking from personal experience, I would rather people feel angry, stand their ground, and fight back than be defeated as ultimately that’s what they want, and it’ll only destroy you. It’s been a very difficult and dark time collectively for everyone so I’m glad we were able to band together and create something that may resonate with others. This was my first time producing a music video or filming myself, it was a long-distance collaboration between a tight-knit group of artistic friends that was shot and completed last minute.”


Metal Kaos - Deeper Graves - Open Roads

July 1, 2020

“Last Transmission” winks at you in a Chris Isaak-“Wicked Game” way – at least till the female vocals enter the room to make the entire atmosphere even more haunting and soul-stirring. Again, the overall orchestration time-travels you back in 1981 and THE CURE’s “Charlotte Sometimes”, and I will grant extra kudos to Wilson for using every instrument to remind you of something familiar.

Deeper Graves Open Roads.jpg

Rock & Roll Fables Review

June 29, 2020

Deeper Graves Dig Deep On Majestic Goth Magnum Opus Open Roads

Yearning for more artists to offer up soundtracks for the darkened clubs where wearing all black is a requirement of getting in and you can dance like no one’s watching? Then the debut from Deeper Graves is for you!

“Last Transmission” takes a turn with Darja Vaarsi (California Widow) lending her uncanny pipes to a sinister song that’d be at home on any album by The Cure circa 1982.

Open Roads unleashes on July 3rd through Disorder Recordings. You can pre-order your own digital or physical copy now by clicking here or here. For more on Deeper Graves, follow them online by clicking here.

Review by Jess for Rock & Roll Fables appearing here


The Deli Magazine

March 10, 2020

California Widow recently rereleased several tracks from their self-titled debut EP. The most recent is called "Howl" which was originally released three years, and is centered around a couple named Ike & Jean. Jean was diagnosed with ALS and passed away only to be followed shortly thereafter by Ike.

This is the somber Desert Rock of Darja Vaarsi.

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